What is Judo?

    • Judo is a martial art that evolved from jujitsu, which is a form of unarmed combat practiced by Japanese Samurai.

    • Judo is the first Olympic sport to have originated in Asia.

    • Judo is fun.

    • The character 'ju' conveys the idea of yielding or giving way to an opponents force in order to overcome him. The character 'do' means the way. Judo means 'gentle way'.

    • The moral code of Judo is politeness, courage and sincerity.

    • Judo is an international sport in which opponents use movement, balance and leverage to gain advantage over each other.

    • Judo consists of throwing and grappling techniques and hold downs.

    • Judo is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

    • Judo is the most popular martial art in the world, with 13 million participants in 111 countries.